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Rainfall Anomaly July 2014: Update_-_Rainfall_Anomaly_July_2014.pdf 


ISBN 978-0-646-90244-9   Libraries Australia ID 51731264   Dewey Number 363.73842

A4 colour. 179 pages, 103 illustrations

I was wrapped you shared your book with me. I found it very informative and once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. It’s packed with very informative and truth based, factual information. I have already recommended it to several people. I feel your book will be a turning point for the illnesses we discussed. I truly love your book. How do I order more copies as I would like to gift them to friends.” Name and Address supplied.


Based on peer reviewed data it reveals what the public was never meant to know.

It is ironical that the advance in science provided the very tool that was pivotal in linking events across decades, and that would reveal the most sinister cover-up about which science has remained silent.
On February 13th 1965 a political decision was made that set in train consequences that were irreversible for the climate and all living creatures on earth. That decision, by 1968, resulted in global phosphorus pollution of the atmosphere as a direct result of the excessive use of white phosphorus incendiary munitions during the Vietnam War.
Global weather and bio-systems reacted to the phosphorus.
Many of the serious illnesses of the human race over the last forty years can be shown to be linked, including breast cancer and sudden infant death syndrome. At 1968 the human sperm count suddenly decreased, creating the possibility of the fertility of the human race falling below replacement level, and putting at risk the survival of the species.
Author Darryl Whitford has worked in research and development all his life. He has acquired numerous research awards including the most prestigious environmental award in Australia, the Banksia Environmental Foundation Award. He was a finalist for the Banksia Award on two other occasions. Darryl has no environmental or political affiliations.



Book 'The Year We Lost Forever'

ISBN 978-0-646-90244-9

A4 colour. 179 pages, 103 illustrations

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Climate Change relationship to Human Health Using Google Books NGram Viewer: Climate_Change_Relationship_to_Human_Health_Using_Google_NGram_Viewer.pdf
Global Warming Weather Oscillation: Update_-_Rainfall_Anomaly_June_2014.pdf
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Allergies: Update_1_-_Allergy.pdf 
Premature Menopause: Update_2_-_Premature_Menopause.pdf 
Crohn's Disease: Update_3_-_Crohns_Disease.pdf

The Book '1968 The Year We Lost Forever' is based on much of this original work. The book contains fascinating conclusions to both the global weather change and human health.

Please support this research by buying the Book '1968 The Year We Lost Forever'. All research and publication is privately funded. Your support is most appreciated.   


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Global Warming Trigger Event 

An engineering research project into rainfall variation with global warming discovered global phosphorus contamination in 1968 had altered the earth's weather pattern and affected the entire bio-system of the planet. The phosphorus contamination of the earth's atmosphere in 1968 is traced with a high degree of certantity to the excessive use of white phosphorus munitions used in the vietnam war between 1965 and 1968.

68 Syndrome

Follow on research from the Global Warming Trigger Event showed that many of the diseases of the human species suddenly accelerated after precisiely 1968. Breast cancer, sudden infant death syndrome and cancers are shown to be related to the increase in global atmospheric phosphorus after 1968.

Weather Oscillation

The weather change at 1968 had caused the rainfall to enter a period of high amplitude oscillation. Numerous weather station sites in South Australia show that the change in weather at local locations may be due to the oscillation change.

White Phosphorus

An overview of the bombing in Vietnam showing the actual bombing pattern in Vietnam.

Chemtrail Relationship to Global Warming

A document that observes that the observations of aircraft 'chemtrails' worldwide observed by numerous people, are directly timeline correlated to the rainfall weather oscillation of the Global Warming Trigger Event. 


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